• Fine Arts major in college
  • Married since 2014
  • Addicted to cheese
  • Has four cats
  • Avid reader

My father had a passion for photography, while my mother excels as an award-winning soft-sculpture artist. Their enthusiasm for imagination and creativity nurtured my own artistic interests from an early age. They would provide me with plain cardboard boxes, color pencils, and paints to see what I would make, and at the tender age of eight, my dad gifted me my very first little camera.

The joy of capturing moments has always been close to my heart. What brings me even greater fulfillment is using these creative skills to help others. Whether it's supporting a fellow business owner in rebranding themselves and creating captivating portraits to attract their ideal clients or empowering women through beauty and boudoir photography to reclaim their confidence and self-esteem – each opportunity to help is truly rewarding.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have inherited this creative gene. Not only do I get to make my living doing what I love, but also knowing that I can utilize it to make a positive impact on others' lives makes every day a great one indeed.

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