Boudoir is a love affair with yourself.

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Why You Should Book A Boudoir Session

For centuries, women have been told how to feel, what to wear, and how we should view our bodies.  We are too skinny, too fat; we eat too much or too little.  Brands market clothing to us in sizes designed to evoke emotions that make us addicted to numbers on tags and scales.

Boudoir is different. It's about who you are in your own skin.  Peel away your insecurities and inhibitions, who you've been told you are, and it's all about who you feel you are on the inside.

I want to make other women feel beautiful.  I have made other women feel beautiful and I think you deserve that feeling, too.  Call me to chat and let's talk about what you want out of your session.  I want you to know what it's like to feel confident and sexy.  You deserve it.

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All Supernova Boudoir sessions come with:

  • a personal pre-session consultation to discuss wardrobe, style, looks, and anything else you want to talk about
  • two hours of continuous coverage at the Ritz-Carlton
  • complimentary professional hair and makeup by my amazing partners, Blushaway Makeup and Dare To Be Unforgettable
  • in-person viewing where you will get to choose your favorite images to purchase

Creative retainer - 750 | Creative retainer does not include print or digital products.

Supernova Boudoir clients typically invest between 1500-2000 for their commissioned boudoir experience. 

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