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A woman lays underwater while kicking her feet up during her after-dark underwater photography session in our Jacksonville Florida underwater studio.


A woman wears a bumblegum pink skirt while sitting in a chair underwater during her photoshoot at our underwater studio in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • the big dreamers
  • the lovers of art
  • those who want to feel fearless and free!

Why Underwater Photography?

I grew up by the ocean. I split my childhood between Virginia Beach, Honolulu, and Jacksonville, Florida, and I am a mermaid at heart. In fact, mermaids are the Virginia Beach mascot!

The water is where I am happiest, either playing or basking. And I love to create “art from the heart”. Underwater photography and portraits is my version of art from the heart because I can create from my imagination and emotion (the heart in the art!). There is also something so calm and resilient about water. It’s the strongest element on earth, it can change landscapes, wear down stone, give and take life.  Having the ability to create artwork under the surface is a gift I treasure.

No two underwater portrait sessions are the same because everyone is different and each session is unique to the individual. When you come in for an underwater session, you will be in good hands with someone who is an expert in posing and lighting to guide you through the experience.

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