Florida Underwater Fine Art Photographer

Based in St. Augustine, Florida. Available for travel.


“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”

– Alan Watts

A woman laying at the bottom of a pool at night with her legs pointed to the surface during her Florida underwater photography session.
A woman is sitting on a chair underwater while wearing a pink ruffled skirt during her underwater photography session in Florida.

Underwater portraits are for:

- the big dreamers
- lovers of art
- those who want to feel fearless and free!

Underwater photography is ethereal. You feel weightless and limitless under the surface. Anything can happen and you can be anybody, the real you that’s always just there under the surface, waiting to emerge like a siren from the sea. 

Why Underwater Photography?

I grew up by the ocean. I split my childhood between Virginia Beach, Honolulu, and Jacksonville, Florida, and I am a mermaid at heart. The water is where I am happiest, either playing or basking. And I love to create “art from the heart”. Underwater photography and portraits is my version of art from the heart because I can create from my imagination and emotion (the heart in the art!). There is also something so calm and resilient about water. It’s the strongest element on earth, it can change landscapes, wear down stone, give and take life.  Having the ability to create artwork under the surface is a gift I treasure.

No two underwater portrait sessions are the same because everyone is different and each session is unique to the individual. When you come in for an underwater session, you will be in good hands with someone who is an expert in posing and lighting to guide you through the experience.

FAQs for Underwater Photography

Yes, swim ability is important! You don't have to be an olympic swimmer, but you do need basic understanding and skill in treading water and holding your breath for 10-20 seconds while submerged. 

We have select pieces available for underwater photoshoots. The garments that photography most beautifully tend to be flowing dresses and skirts, items that are sheer, and bright colors. 

Unfortunately no. Mermaid tails are typically hand-made to the wearer's unique measurements. If you have a mermaid tail already, I recommend bringing it! If you'd like to buy one, I suggest FinFolk Productions (check their lead times, though).

I have my own pool but we can also rent locations if necessary. However, I can create beautiful imagery in my own pool!

I am available for travel! Message me at info@jenniferlynnjames.com for more details. 

Everyone is a little different so we offer flexibility in our luxury artwork offerings by allowing you to create a custom session with your own collection of images, whether it's one or multiple. Investment begins at $5,500 and includes a $5,000 image credit to use on your artwork at your ordering appointment. We accept multiple forms of payment including all major credit cards, PayPal Credit, and Affirm.

This is the kind of imagery you want on your walls in your home!

You will get to see your images the same day!  Once we wrap and dry off, I will upload your images to my computer and narrow down to the best of the best. From there, you will choose your favorites to purchase. 

Yes, all purchased photographs will be edited to our magazine-quality standards. 

Nope, that's MY job! I will coach you through poses underwater, including hands and feet. 

Absolutely not. Nudity is up to each person's comfort level.  We can do underwater sessions fully-clothed in flowy dresses and skirts. We will typically shoot 2-3 "outfits" which can include nudity if you like! 

Currently Taking Underwater Photography Commissions for 2023 In Jacksonville, Florida

Interested in experiencing an underwater fine art photoshoot here in Jacksonville, FL or elsewhere? I am currently taking limited underwater commissions. Turn yourself into a work of art with an underwater photoshoot!

What kind of sessions can take place underwater?

These are just a few ideas for underwater fine art portraits, but let’s discuss yours!