Welcome to me.


I'm originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, but I've lived all over: Honolulu, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit Metro. I returned to the East Coast in 2006, where I met my husband, adopted our cats, Cricket and Ginny, our parrot, Peach, and bought our first home in Ashburn, Virginia. I'm pretty goofy and not above making fun of myself.  I'm a Harry Potter junkie, a lover of literature, and a believer that body art is a beautiful act of self-expression.


My style can be described as clean and bold, and I hand-retouch all my images.  I am also inspired by gorgeous landscapes, which you will occasionally find featured on my Facebook page and Instagram.

I'm a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) association, and most recently was a Finalist in the world-wide Shoot & Share Photo Contest. I come by my passion for photography quite honestly: my mother is an artist and my father is a photographer, and they are both responsible for fostering the creative seed in me.


Jamaica.  New Orleans.  Mexico.  Yellowstone.  Charleston.  All are places I've traveled to with friends and family.

Anywhere the company is good, the drink is delicious and the food is plentiful is a place I want to be.  A rich life is a life of experiences.