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Ross Costanza Photography Workshop One | Natural Light Boudoir

Welcome to Part Two of my review of Ross Costanza Photography Workshops & Education!  In case you missed it, last week, I blogged about Natural Light Bridals and how Ross and Jessica challenged us to not use speedlights, and instead “find the light.”  It’s some of my favorite work to date, but today I’m going to share natural light boudoir!

I’ve been interested in shooting boudoir photography for a long time.  As a kid, I always sat down and drew the female form in charcoal or pencil, and in college, my favorite studio drawing classes were actually the ones with the nude models we had to draw in classical form.  I find beauty and strength in the female form, in any shape or size, and photographing boudoir seems to be a natural extension of that.  It’s empowering and we become the champion of our own bodies; it is truly a bold and uplifting thing to do for yourself.  I love photographing it!

With the boudoir session, we received helpful instruction from Jess on the most flattering poses, and Ross once again assisted in how to work with light.  Jess also took time to walk me through some flow-posing, which I very much appreciated!  I’ve taken some time since the workshop to look up more flow-posing and go back to some Creative Live classes I purchased last year as a refresher.  It’s key to never stop learning.

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical in a dark-ish hotel room, but I was so surprised at what I pulled out of my camera with just the light from one window.  I am so proud of these images I created with Misa Edwards, our model for the day.  As you’ll see in these images, I was able to capture three different “looks” depending on where Misa was at in the room, as well as depending on my angle.  I was also able to keep my clean look and bring in some moody vibes using just natural light, and I think these photos are the highlight of my weekend!

If you have the opportunity to take a workshop – any workshop – do it!  Even the most experienced pro still has something to learn.  Snap on, friends.


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  • Ross CostanzaJune 6, 2017 - 8:53 pm

    Jenn, thank you so much for the gracious review of our Workshop! I am incredibly honored that you took part in it and I am even more satisfied with the fact that you took the challenge we put in front of you and ran wild with it. You are such a talented person in all aspects of life and I know your passion for the arts is going to translate into an incredibly successful photography business. You are hitting on one of the biggest keys most established photographers forget to consider…continuing education. it is huge to continue to learn and even re-learn things you may already know. I know I got so much out of putting the first Workshop together even though it was a refresher. I’m stoked we will be seeing you in August at the next Workshop and Jess and I are super excited to see your business soar! Much love, friend. Thanks for all of your support and please know you have ours!ReplyCancel