headshot of a small business owner - jacksonville florida
headshot of a small business owner - jacksonville florida

Introducing Ashburn Natural Wellness, a northern Virginia chiropractic and wellness practice

I found Dr. Le and Ashburn Natural Wellness through a Cigna insurance site search because the pain in my back had become intolerable from all my days of bending, hunching, scrunching, and doing anything to “get the shot.” We photographers are hard on our bodies and her practice makes me want to shout from the rooftops about how good I feel these days!

So I was excited and honored when Dr. Le asked for my help in capturing updated photos for her website. We took headshots at my studio and then headed over to her practice in Old Ashburn to do some outdoorsy portraits surrounded by the beautiful trees and walking paths, and capture various treatments with her patients.

Do you need updated headshots and branding photos? If so, scroll on down to the bottom of this post and fill out the contact form. I’ll be in touch!

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Makeup by Blushaway Makeup in Aldie, Virginia.

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